The App Factory

The AppFactory at Expeditus churns out business critical applications in just a few weeks. The AppFactory removes the headache of ever having to develop an application to solve a business need, maintain this application as your business evolves, or procure hardware to host this application (which comes with its own set of headaches).

Build any variation of mobile enterprise applications for your organization using the reliable no code platform. Using our many years of business and mobile application experience, Expeditus will guide you through the process of envisioning, white boarding, prototyping and successfully delivering your application across your organisation.  We believe our solutions are unique in providing not only the mobile solution but also incorporating class leading business intelligence in one offering.

Mobile is transforming how customers, partners and employees interact with your business. Each expects increasingly innovative and seamless experiences on the device of their choice. Work with Expeditus to reimagine your core business processes with mobility and discover new opportunities for engagement, growth, and productivity.


We do all of the above for you. No development or maintenance costs, no infrastructure or upgrade cost, just a monthly per user subscription fee. Need more users? Need less users? Just say the word and it is done. It doesn’t get any easier than this to keep your business on the cutting edge and relevant to your customers

We are focused on helping you achieve your goal
We are straightforward with our abilities and pricing and knowing where you are coming from.