Smart Sourcing

Are you looking to provide 24 / 7 support to your customers? Would you like to halve the development time on your project? Would you like international equivalent skills at Local South African rand currency rates? If you answer yes to any of these questions, then Expeditus can assist.

  • We offer offsite support and development for Business Intelligence projects across the globe.
  • Customer Support: When your lights go off, our lights come on. We can extend your support hours to your customers to provide 24 / 7 SLA support.
  • Offsite Ad hoc and project development: We are able to assist with speeding up your development time by continuing the development whilst you sleep. We have a team of offsite development staff of varying skill levels to assist you deliver on your project in half the time.
  • Competitive rates: Due to currency exchange rates, making use of our offsite support or development personal, you will have the benefit of paying South African Rands vs your stronger local currency. This makes the rate you get for a highly skilled resource very palatable. Our offsite team are always overseen by a senior member of staff to ensure absolute quality is delivered. Contact us for a trial period on this model before engaging on a longer term basis.
We are focused on helping you achieve your goal
We are straightforward with our abilities and pricing and knowing where you are coming from.