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Introducing Norbit 1:03 min

Think of Norbit as a BI analyst at your fingertips. Its connected to your BI system and can provide answers to questions you ask in natural human language, making it easy to understand. Norbit is a WhatsApp chatbot that takes self-service BI to another level.


The evolution of Business Intelligence 

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Modern bots are regularly found as a stand in for customer service reps. Norbit is a stand in for key aspects of your data analytics team. Connect Norbit to your data and BI system and it will provide answers to questions you ask of it in natural, human language.

Norbit makes BI accessible and enables a natural data discovery process. You don’t need to stare at rows of code or visualizations to find what you’re looking for. You can develop ideas and insights question by question, answer by answer. Each answer you receive in the conversation with Norbit provides food for thought and guides you to your next question.

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Norbit becomes part of the team, your data reporter, retriever or analyst who happens to be a machine.