Expeditus Training Academy

Expeditus have a fully equipped training facility. We deliver a range of education options ranging from Soft Skills, Subject specific as well as technology specific training. We are also able to provide fully customized training based off your data and requirements and real world scenarios. We are also proud to offer our 3 month Expeditus Introduction to Business Intelligence diploma course. Contact us for all your training requirements.

Soft Skills
Presentation Skills (2 day):a proven methodology that helps sales and technical professionals deliver more engaging and persuasive demonstrations and improve their win ratio.

Subject specific training
Introduction to SQL (1 Day): What are databases and why are they important? Get an understanding of how Structured Query Language (SQL) actually works. Write your own queries and interrogate your own data.


Microstrategy (Click to Expand)


  • Standard classroom Testing
  • PEP Licenses
Custom Training (Click to Expand)

Custom Training

  • Data Discovery – 1 Day : Create your own dashboards and interactive visualizations in an easy to use drag and drop interface. Discover outliers, patterns and trends within minutes. Blend data from multiple sources. Share your insights with the rest of the organization. Understand and apply data discovery best practices
  • Business Intlelligence (Overview)– 3 Days:  Introduction and Overview of Business Intelligence and Data warehousing.
  • MicroStrategy Certification Prep – 3 Days:  Your best chance to pass Microstrategy’s certification program.  Preparation guidance, Q&A, Mock Exam
  • MicroStrategy Mobile App Development – 1 Day: Mobile application design best practice.  Master Transaction services for real time write back capabilities
  • Creating Business Applications – 2 Days: Best Practice business application implementation and design on web and mobile.
Qlik (Click to Expand)


  • Intro to QlikView, Data Sources & Data Modelling (1 Day classroom, 1 day self study, 1 day Internal exam)
  • Building Dashboards (1 Day classroom, 1 day self study, 1 day Internal exam)
  • Scripting & Modelling Best Practices (1 Day classroom, 1 day self study, 1 day Internal exam)
  • Data Transformations & Advanced Expressions (1 Day classroom, 1 day self study, 1 day Internal exam)
  • Project Delivery and Recap(3 Day delivery, 2 days vetting)

Introduction to Business Intelligence course (3 month)
This course covers all aspects relating to business intelligence including soft skills, DWH and ETL through to Front end visualization using a specific technology.  Are you looking for a change of career or looking to get into a lucrative always relevant career?  Then this course is for you.

We are focused on helping you achieve your goal
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