Finding the insights others miss.
Making them easy to execute.

Finding the solutions others miss requires agility, imagination and time.
Unseen opportunities come from looking harder, for longer. When we find them, we make them easy to execute. From reworking financial databases with prescriptive regulatory legislation to investigating new revenue streams in the hospitality industry and setting up legacy medical research data architecture, we’ve developed solutions that have set our clients on new and exciting trajectories. 


Balance Sheet Management

Expeditus has taken the visualisation of our data driven business into the future. Through a rigorous process of Analysis, Development, Testing and Implementation, the Expeditus team designed multiple dashboards across all our risk disciplines. By automating our fundamental processes throughout our value chain, from ingestion of data to the end product, we now have sight of key fundamentals at the click of a button.

The Expeditus team are always willing to engage and assist whenever needed. Their phenomenal team of experts go the extra mile to ensure proper governance is followed. Their effortless development path has avoided re-works and regulatory complications. Once these developments became business as usual, Expeditus continued to support our team whenever called upon.

Michelan Naicker: BSM Strategic Projects and Innovation

The Best

Funeral Society

Expeditus has changed the way we use our data. Having engineered our Data Warehouse, Expeditus has enabled seamless access to any level of detail across our data sets with just a click of a button. 

Having taken the time to understand our processes, they suggested automating the testing process, making the validation and reconciliation of our financial data an absolute pleasure. We are already seeing a positive impact on our business. This includes an improved invoicing process and subsequent cashflow improvement. Our IFRS17 reporting concerns are now a thing of the past thanks to their phenomenal team of experts who are guiding us to become a data driven business.

Melonie Phillips: Executing Head: Operations and Control Services


Expeditus has been a valued partner in our journey to improve our BI and Datawarehouse capability. Over the last two years, Bidfoods has seen a significant improvement in our reporting, data analysis and business decision making capability.


Johan Kok, Bidfoods CIO

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