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We only need one opportunity to deliver value

Technology is an enabler and we only partner with the best.  Couple that with our expert end to end business intelligence consulting services, and the outcome is clear a long term relationship as your trusted advisor and solution provider

At Expeditus you will work directly with some of the most experienced talent in the industry.  Passion, Pride and Perfection ensures that you are partnering with the right team.

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Business Intelligence Services
Expeditus covers the full spectrum of business intelligence services: data analysis, ETL, data warehousing, front end visualisation, data analytics, data related applications.
Expeditus offers end to end Business Intelligence services to assist any company in realizing the full value of their information assets.
The App Factory
Are you still running your business on spreadsheets? Are you still using paper based systems toengage with your customers? Are you struggling to optimize what should be an automated process?
The App Factory can help you! Share your problem, we’ll provide you the solution. We design, develop, and host your solution in a matter of weeks. No risk to you!
Expeditus Training Academy
The Expeditus academy will cater to all your education needs.
We provide technology specific training; customized end user training utilizing real world scenarios and best practice steps to resolution; various soft skills as well as our newly added 3 month hands on Introduction to BI.
Smart Sourcing
In South Africa, we have some of the best resources worldwide, at Expeditus we have some of the best resources in the country.
We are happy to engage in an outsourced offsite consulting model with your business no matter where you are in the world. Local rates, business language, international quality.
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"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Give a business information and you help them make decisions, give a business insight and they control their destiny! "

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